The beauty of the internet is that there are so many video tutorials and how-to guides out there to follow.

And I’ve put together the following video clips to help you and your running.

A general rule of thumb is to vary your strength and conditioning work, and increase your training workload gradually by upping repetitions and sets.

Give these a go!

Active core blast

A set of exercises you can do in your bedroom, your living room or of course outside to work all elements of your core frame.


Arguably one of the toughest exercises out there but certainly the most beneficial for runners. The longer you hold, the better!

Improve your hip flexibility

Your hips generate your power when running but for some reason don’t get the credit they deserve.

Tight hips and lack of flexibility can really bring you to a grinding halt, as well as cause pain. So, try out a few of these moves, strengthen your hips and work from a stronger running base.

Lateral planks

The beauty of planks is that they come in a range of different variables…

Plyometric drills

Improve your running economy by undertaking these explosive movements.

Indeed, the sets you can watch below help long-distance runners engage with fast-twitch muscle fibres more often and recruit greater muscle power as a result.

Strength training

Build upper and lower body strength with this combined exercise.


Don’t ever go for a run without making sure every muscle group is firing!

50-mile treadmill challenge for Macmillan Cancer Support

In July 2017, I ran 50 miles continuously on a treadmill, in eight hours and 55 minutes, for Macmillan Cancer Support – watch the climax to the run below: