Check out in-depth video of analysis of two of my marathons…

In the video above, on the left-hand side of the screen is a 3.02:09 marathon I ran in Stockholm (June 2017) and on the right is footage from the 2016 Dubai Marathon – where I came home in 3.12:22 – a difference of around 10 minutes.

I try to look back and analyse previous runs at every opportunity and these are some of the factors (shown in the video) that helped me improve my speed between these two runs.

Running can often be about very small margins and marginal gains but, at the same time, these can represent significant improvement.

1) I made a conscious effort to lengthen my stride, following months of speed and treadmill work, resulting in a boost to my cadence. As such, I am able to turnover more strides per minute. You will see the slight difference on the left – I’m quicker through the air.

2) My landing position is just underneath/back from the flexing knee which means my levers are working effectively, engaging glutes and hip flexors, and minimising impact on calf muscles. Essentially, running in 2017 had become easier for my body.

In the past I was caught too much on my heels – causing some calf issues – but my landing is now mostly a mid-foot strike, not perfect, but it allows my body to move forward with momentum and my heel just kisses the ground. A more fluid motion.

3) Physically, my upper body in Stockholm is in greater condition and as you can see, I used my arms a lot more to drive forward but also kept them relaxed.

In turn, this has helped my head stay upright and my posture straight, instead of looking down too much.

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